New Book, “Angel Wings” Will Be Out in April!

Angel Wings Cover


The newest thriller from novelist Howard Kaminsky is now available in bookstores, for Kindle, and as an audiobook. To purchase this exciting new book on, click Angel Wings by Howard Kaminsky.


As a veteran member of the Providence police department’s elite homicide squad, Detective Danny Martell has seen his fair share of dead bodies. But he’s never seen anything quite like this. Women around the city are being brutally murdered, their dead faces elaborately made up and fabric angel wings attached to their lifeless bodies. The attacks are immediately dubbed “the Angel Murders”—yet it doesn’t take long for the deadly crime wave to drag Danny into his own personal hell…

Because soon after the killings begin, Danny’s wife, Linda, abruptly disappears. And when his worst fears are realized, a grief-stricken Danny redoubles his efforts to hunt down the deranged serial killer. But is Linda just another random “angel”? Or is she the victim of a copycat killer with a vendetta against Danny?

Gritty, suspenseful, and fiendishly fascinating, this chilling whodunit will keep readers guessing right alongside Danny—and on the very edge of their seats until the final page is turned.


“Howard Kaminsky’s Angel Wings is a haunting thriller that proves itself and provides its satisfactions line by line. It involves the pursuit of a psychopathic killer in coastal New England. Brisk and salted with character and setting, wonderfully suspenseful, with memorable dialogue and fine turns of plot, Angel Wings is entertaining from first to last.”
–Robert Stone
Recipient of the National Book Award in Fiction, Author of Dog Soldiers


“ANGEL WINGS is a top-notch thriller, original, sharp, tough, smart, suspenseful and full of surprises, in which a tough guy cop and the most original and intriguing serial killer since Hannibal Lecter fight it out in a book which reads like a classic vintage noir novel.”
–Michael Korda
Author of Queenie and Charmed Lives

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From The New Yorker, Shouts And Murmurs

Illustration by Marc Rosenthal.

Illustration by Marc Rosenthal.






January 15, 2013

Howard is up to it again! Here’s a humor piece you can find from the Shouts and Murmurs section of The New Yorker. A lot of writers out there will sympathize with this witty example of what can happen to art when a foreign hand holds both the whittling tool and the check-signing pen.


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Howard Kaminsky is the author and producer behind many thrilling and touching stories that are available on Please feel free to leave comments, or to contact at

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